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Prevent Fraud Before It Happens: How to Train Employees to Be Fraud Detectors

Michele L. Creek-Tatom, CFE, CIA
Internal Audit Manager, J.R. Simplot Company

“That could never happen here! Why would someone ever steal from our company? The internal audit people will catch it if someone tries anything. My co-workers are like family! I just can’t imagine someone doing that!”

Does this sound familiar? As anti-fraud professionals, we are trained to find and fix the opportunities for fraudulent activity within our organizations. But there are usually only a few of us and many employees. How is a small team, or single fraud professional, supposed to deter and detect all fraud? The answer is we can’t. We rely, in part, on the honesty of the average employee. For dishonest employees, we rely on controls and consequences to deter bad behavior. But what if there were a way to enlist and educate the honest, frontline employee to be the eyes and ears of everyday fraud detection? What if fraud awareness became every employee’s responsibility — not just the fraud professionals’?

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source: ACFE insights